Serve You Rx Sponsors Mobilize Recovery, a Nationwide Initiative to Combat Addiction in the U.S.

Committed to combating the nation’s opioid epidemic, Serve You Rx is pleased to announce its role as a major sponsor of Mobilize Recovery, a project of the Facebook Community Leadership Program, provided in partnership with The Voices Project for 2019.

Mobilize Recovery aims to equip a network of emerging leaders from across the country with tools, training, and a plan of action that will launch nationwide to inspire recovery and end the preventable overdose crisis in America.  Mobilize Recovery’s network of future changemakers includes representation from each state and is comprised of more than 150 individuals who were selected from nearly 1,000 applicants. The selected will gather at the inaugural Mobilize Recovery conference taking place July 11-12, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Serve You Rx President and CEO Sharon Murillo will be in attendance and plans to address attendees.

“We’re excited to get behind the Mobilize Recovery movement. This initiative is right in line with our goal of supporting community partners and organizations that share our goals and help fulfill our corporate social responsibilities,” says Murillo. “As a pharmacy benefit manager that offers mail pharmacy services, we recognize that we have a role in fighting this epidemic. But all businesses need to embrace their responsibilities in ending the stigma associated with addiction and support efforts of advocacy, education, prevention, treatment, and recovery.”

The Mobilize Recovery event will consist of strategic planning as well as training in advocacy, leadership development, and media, including a presentation from Facebook on how to maximize the resources of the social media platform.

“We are all stakeholders in solving the complex problem of addiction,” says Murillo. “It’s time to create a cultural shift where addiction can be perceived as a public health problem with solutions.”