Serve You Rx’s Mail Pharmacies Include DisposeRx with All Opioid Orders

As part of its Opioid Risk Management Program, Serve You Rx is having its mail pharmacies include a packet of DisposeRx with all outbound packages containing a prescription opioid. Information included with the packet encourages safe disposal of unused medication and emphasizes the importance of removing unused opioids from the home as early as possible to reduce the risk of misuse, which can lead to addiction or overdose.

“Our [Opioid Risk Management] Program aims to reduce a person’s risk of being exposed to an opportunity to misuse or abuse a prescribed opioid by addressing factors such as dosing, days’ supply, and therapy duration,” explains Deb Echlin, Director of Clinical Programs at Serve You Rx. “Proper disposal of unused opioid prescriptions is also a component of our program in that it can reduce the risk of diversion.”

Diversion occurs when someone who was prescribed an opioid gives it to another individual who was not the legal recipient of the prescription. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 49 percent of people who misuse opioids get their supply from a friend or family member’s prescription. By including DisposeRx packets in packages and providing education, Serve You Rx is hoping to help reduce that number.

DisposeRx makes drug disposal easy, fast, and environmentally friendly. Its powder substance can be poured into the original prescription vial with any leftover pills, along with tap water. Once sealed and shaken, the vial’s contents turn into an unusable solid substance that can be safely disposed of in members’ household trashcans. Detailed instructions on how to use the product are outlined on the package and Serve You Rx customer service representatives also are available to provide support for members who have questions.

“How to dispose of unused medications is a question that many patients have for our pharmacists,” said Jake Kachelmeier, Manager of Pharmacy Operations at Serve You Rx. “DisposeRx is a simple way for our patients to discard of their unused opioid products with the peace of mind that the medication is being disposed of in a safe manner.”

For additional resources explaining ways to safely dispose of medications are found here.

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