Clinical Account Executive

The Clinical Account Executive (CAE) manages the needs of Serve You Rx pharmacy benefit management clients by overseeing program administration in the areas of utilization management, plan design, drug coverage, and other drivers of trend. The CAE works collaboratively with the account team to grow client, broker, third-party administrator, and consultant relationships from the time of implementation through overseeing each renewal. The CAE supports product development, product improvement, and upselling activities that drive client cost savings, beneficial health outcomes, and company profitability. Serve You Rx offers clinical services and strategies designed to manage drug costs, ensure appropriate drug use, and improve member outcomes. This position plays a key role in supporting Serve You Rx in reaching its mission to help clients and members have a cost efficient way to get the prescriptions they need.

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  • Own your actions

    Stand by your actions, hold yourself accountable for your role in the outcome and take ownership for the results where you bear responsibility.

  • Do the right thing

    Be truthful, thoughtful and swift in making selfless choices that best serve our clients, business partners, and the good of the company.

  • Be eager to learn

    Passionately explore new ideas, solutions and opportunities.