8 Mail Service Pharmacy Myths Debunked

Home delivery is an easy and convenient way to obtain countless products, such as food, home goods, clothes, and more. But did you know that you can also have medications delivered to your home by using the mail services of Serve You DirectRx Pharmacy — a safe, convenient, and cost-effective way to receive your maintenance medications. Maintenance medications are the ones you take long-term on a routine schedule for chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, and many more. However, if you have any doubts about receiving your medications through mail, then rest assured — Serve You DirectRx Pharmacy (Serve You DirectRx) will dispel any of the negative myths you may have heard about mail service.

Myth 1: Medications delivered to my home are at a large risk of being stolen.

Porch pirates probably won’t be too intrigued by the medications that Serve You DirectRx ships to your door. Serve You DirectRx ships all orders in secure, discrete packaging that is tamper-evident and weather-resistant. There are no identifiers on the packaging that would lead curious thieves to believe the contents are valuable or from a pharmacy. And on the off the chance that medications do go missing, members can always reach out to the Serve You DirectRx customer service team to work out a reshipment.

Myth 2: Mail service wouldn’t work for me because I don’t want my neighbors seeing my medications.

Your privacy is of utmost importance to Serve You DirectRx. As mentioned above, all orders are shipped in discrete packaging that doesn’t reveal that the contents are from a pharmacy, and they especially don’t indicate which medications the package contains. Your health information is safe and secure.

Myth 3: I can’t have my medications delivered through mail because they require refrigeration.

Serve You DirectRx has mastered the skill of shipping medications at the correct temperature — even if that means refrigerating their packages. Your medication will be packaged in an insulated cooler and shipped to you at no extra charge. Serve You DirectRx has completed extensive testing to ensure medications are packaged in a way that keeps them at the correct temperature while in transit and while waiting at your front door, and each refrigerated order gets packed with special care depending on the destination and time of year.

Myth 4: I’m not home during the day, so I wouldn’t be home to sign for my medication.

Arranging to be home to sign for a package can be a hindrance in receiving your medications when you need them. Lucky for you, packages from Serve You DirectRx don’t require a signature unless they contain a controlled substance or extremely costly medication. If these requirements affect you, keep in mind that they can ship to your place of work or any other address that you will be located at during normal delivery hours so your package can be signed for.

Myth 5: I live in an apartment, so home delivery wouldn’t work for me.

Serve You DirectRx is able to ship to any address in the United States that you request — whether it is your house, an apartment, a family member or friend’s house, your place of work, or your doctor’s office. You can call Serve You DirectRx at any time and change your delivery address, whether it’s a long-term change or just for one specific package.

Myth 6: I won’t receive my medications on time if they’re being mailed to me.

This myth couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, most orders are processed and shipped out by Serve You DirectRx on the same day they are received. If you refill your prescription according to their recommended timeframe or if you enroll in EZAutoFill, you should be receiving all of your medications on time. EZAutoFill is Serve You DirectRx’s free automatic refill service that ships a three-month supply of your medications to your door before you run out. With mail service, you’re more likely to get your medications on time than if you had to pick them up yourself from a retail pharmacy.

Myth 7: With mail service, I can’t talk to a pharmacist about my medication like I can at a retail pharmacy.

Although you won’t be driving to a pharmacy to pick up your medication, Serve You Rx pharmacists are available 24 hours per day to answer any questions you may have about medications dispensed through Serve You DirectRx. Simply dial their customer service call center to connect with a pharmacist who can offer consultation at any time.

Myth 8: I avoid home delivery because shipping costs are expensive.

You may be used to expensive shipping costs when having products delivered to your house, but that’s not the case with Serve You DirectRx. Whether it’s one medication, a package with several different medications, or even a refrigerated product — all standard shipping is FREE.

So, what’s stopping you from transferring your prescriptions to Serve You DirectRx Pharmacy? Don’t let the myths get in the way of enjoying the convenience and ease of home delivery!