Prescription Care for Your College Student

Whether you are experiencing it for the first time or not, sending your teen off to college can be an experience that is both very exciting and sometimes nerve-racking. With anxieties about budgeting for tuition and your child leaving home for the first time, no parent should have to endure added stress over making sure their child is getting their prescription medications. Fortunately, the mail services of Serve You DirectRx Pharmacy offer a safe, convenient, and cost-effective way to supply your college student with the medications they need.

Home delivery of your child’s medications may not only save you money compared to using retail pharmacies, but it is especially convenient for students who don’t have a car on campus to easily pick up medications. And even if transportation isn’t an issue, when students are busy with balancing studying and a social life, it’s effortless for them to have their medications delivered right to their dorm! Serve You DirectRx Pharmacy (Serve You DirectRx) is able to ship a three-month supply at a time, so refills only need to occur a few times per year.

Before an order is placed, the student can call Serve You DirectRx’s customer service team and let the representative know that their address has changed. Serve You DirectRx will then begin shipping their medications to their dorm building or other student housing. Simply call to inform Serve You DirectRx whenever the student changes shipping addresses, including changing dorm buildings or returning home for the summer.

The most effortless way for your child to receive their medications at any time, but especially while attending college, is to enroll in Serve You DirectRx’s free automatic refill service, EZAutoFill. By signing up for EZAutoFill, your student’s refill will be automatically processed and shipped to them on a regular schedule before they run out. If your student provides an email address, tracking information will be sent to them, so there will be no surprises or unexpected packages.

If your student is taking a refrigerated medication or a controlled substance, rest assured — Serve You DirectRx is easily able to deliver these types of medications to your student on campus. The process is the same for any other type of address. For refrigerated medications, a Serve You DirectRx representative will call your student in advance to set up next-day delivery. For controlled substances, a signature will be required either from the student or someone working at the front desk of their building.

While your child is busy with learning and enjoying all of the experiences of college life, don’t let prescription medications be a disruption — because they don’t have to be. Make both of your lives simpler by letting them know about Serve You DirectRx Pharmacy and EZAutoFill today!