Welcome to Our Suite of PBM Solutions

These innovative programs tackle the most complex of member and client needs.

Opioid Risk Management program

As a pharmacy benefit manager that is part of the drug supply chain, we take great responsibility and accountability to do our part in fighting against the opioid epidemic.

  • Reduces the likelihood of misuse through a multitude of proactive and retrospective approaches

  • Addresses the crisis of abuse and addiction

  • Tackles the associated problem of rising costs


Maximize specialty drug copay assistance and track true member out-of-pocket costs with our specialty copay assistance and accumulator program.

  • Proactively identifies assistance programs provided by specialty drug manufactuers

  • Applies Serve You Rx clinical intelligence to dynamically adjust benefit design for participating specialty drugs

  • Keeps member costs low

Diabetes Care Plus

Diabetes affects one in 10 Americans and is the leading non-specialty drug cost driver. Diabetes Care Plus is a comprehensive program strategically designed to improve member health education and outcomes.

  • Provides tailored interventions to members

  • Increases members' access to care

  • Improves medication adherence