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Serve You Rx and Navitus members can click the link below for access to member portals and EZRefillRx, as well as information about DirectRx Pharmacy and EZAutoFill. The member portals allow you to check your benefits, access claims information, price medications, and find retail pharmacies. changed

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Information surrounding COVID-19 is frequently changing, but we've got you covered with the most up-to-date resources. Read our FAQs covering general COVID-19 information, vaccines, and at-home tests.

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Prescription Care for Your College Student


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Members of the public can find the federal food and drug administration’s list of all currently approved interchangeable biological products through the Wisconsin Pharmacy Examining Board’s website here.

Members of the public can find the Wisconsin Pharmacy Examining Board’s list of the 100 most commonly prescribed generic drug product equivalents at its website here.