A Prescription for quality Our Pharmacies

With our own mail order pharmacy, specialty pharmacy, and call center, we deliver unmatched quality and unwavering commitment to serving members well.

Home Delivery Pharmacy

Quick, free home delivery at an affordable price. That's what our home delivery pharmacy offers. Whether you're a partner, provider, or member, our reputable pharmacy delivers value.

How Serve You Rx Home Delivery Pharmacy Serves You

Quick turnaround, with most orders shipped the same day

Quality-driven process with 99.5% accuracy rates

Easy refill orders online, by phone, or via mail

Secure, confidential packaging options that are temper evident and weather resistant

Pharmacist consultation available 24/7

Customer service reps (including certified pharmacy techs) available to answer questions

Higher savings than retail; discount pricing for plan members

Drug review and prescription monitoring

Mail Service Pharmacy


Specialty Pharmacy

Our specialty pharmacy offers a full range of services and programs that help contain costs, elevate safety, improve outcomes, and deliver high levels of service.

How our Specialty Pharmacy serves you

Safe, high quality, cost-effective, and patient-focused

Limited-day supply prescriptions

Coordination with patient assistance programs

Individual consultation with pharmacists

Improved outcomes via medication adherence programs, patient-focused therapy, and care managment

High-touch service that includes assistance navigating utilization management programs, fast delivery of medications, special handling, easy ordering, and highly experienced customer service staff

Coordination, synchronization, and dispensing of all the patient's medications under one roof.

Contact Center

Located in-house in Wisconsin and equipped with certified pharmacy technicians with extensive training in fulfillment, claim adjudication, and high service standards, our call center resolves 99 percent of inquiries at first contact and provides 24/7 access to pharmacists. 

Average first call resolution rate


Members of the public can find the Wisconsin Pharmacy Examining Board’s list of the 100-most commonly prescribed generic drug product equivalents at its website here.