Opioid Risk Management Program

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Inspired by our guiding principles, our free Opioid Risk Management Program addresses the misuse of prescription opioids through monitoring, education, and intervention. By combatting the crisis of abuse and addiction, improving patient safety, and reducing drug spend, our innovative solution aims to reduce overdose incidents and increase public health outcomes. 

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Program Overview



Our Opioid Risk Management Program starts where most addictions do - at the point of prescribing and dispensing. Here we ensure:

  • Quality Limits
  • Point-of-Service Drug Utilization Review (DUR)
  • Prior authorization



Hindsight matters too. This part of our program includes:

  • Review of opioid prescribing patterns
  • Dispensing patterns for pharmacies
  • Member utilization review


Cost Managing

When opioid use is up, so are costs. While the primary goal is to improve member health, the following savings strategies assist too:

  • Formulary management 
  • Step therapy 


Drug Management

When we can see the problem, we can help solve it. The following help us do just that:

  • Prescription Drug Monitoring Program participation 
  • Fraud, waste, and abuse safeguarding


National Advocacy

We take our position in the pharmaceutical supply chain seriously, and do the following to combat the epidemic:

  • Sponsorship and promotion of various events and programs
  • Education strategies 
  • Safe drug disposal program