What We Do

PBM Solutions That Serve You.

We listen to understand exactly what your pain points are, then offer PBM solutions that serve you best. 


My PBM contract is complicated and I don't understand it. 


We integrate transparency in every element of our offering: pricing, contract language, auditability, and no hidden fees or surprises.


I can't get timely responses or resolutions to my issues. Member complaints go unanswered. 


We prioritize service - it's in our name, and in our DNA. Our insatiable desire to get things right is rooted in 36 years of experience and born from ownership of the primary member touch points, including our call center, mail order, and specialty pharmacies. 


My PBM forces me to use their carve out vendor or they say "no" to my preferred programs, partners, or plan design strategies. 


We're agnostic. We'll partner with your preferred point solution vendors so that together, we achieve great outcomes. 


My specialty costs are too high. 


We offer a comprehensive array of solutions to ensure appropriate utilization and cost management.


My PBM isn't transparent and won't share data with me. 


We believe in the power or data. And most importantly, we believe that our clients own their data, and we empower them to learn from it. 

Clinical Services and Strategies

Your Client's Goals.
Our Guidance.

Maximize cost savings. Ensure appropriate drug therapy. And improve member care. No matter the plan objective, our wide variety of optional clinical services and strategies enable your clients to meet it.

Our comprehensive and customized pharmacy benefit management plan design elements can include the following, along with innovative programs such as our Specialty Drug Management, Diabetes Care Plus, and Opioid Risk Management Programs. 

Over-the-counter drug coverage and therapeutic category management

Dispense-as-written (DAW) adjustment

Adherence monitoring program

Pharmacy benefit educational resources

Retrospective drug utilization review

Prior authorization

Quantity limits

Dose optimization

Step therapy

Concurrent drug utilization review

Formulary (preferred drug list) management and promotion of generics

Programs for Positive impact

A medical provider administers specialty medications to a member through an IV

Specialty Drug Management

Contain costs to ensure your client's specialty dollars are spent in a way that achieves their desired outcomes. We provide flexible options so you can balance clinical management and patient choice.

With our comprehensive specialty drug management solution, you'll be able to provide strategies for containing drug costs and managing trend.

A patient receiving an insulin test for diabetes

Diabetes care plus

The leading non-specialty drug cost driver, diabetes, affects ten percent of Americans.

Our Diabetes Care Plus Program uses a comprehensive approach to improve your client's member health education and outcomes by providing tailored interventions, increasing care access, and improving medication adherence. 

Opioid Risk Management

Through monitoring, education, and intervention, our innovative solution minimizes the epidemic's grave health, safety, and financial risks. By reducing the likelihood of misuse, our program aims to be the beginning of opioid addiction's end. Our free Opioid Risk Management Program highlights the importance we place on responsibility and accountability.

Our Approach

For You, Yes.

We take a consultative approach to helping you find solutions for your clients.

That's why we don't start with answers; we start with questions. Once we fully understand your client's needs, we put together services and solutions that align with their goals so they can reach their objectives.