You Lead. We Succeed.

Meet our client-focused executive team.

Justin Jasniewski_2

Justin Jasniewski Chief Executive Officer

As CEO of Serve You Rx, Justin sets the strategic direction for the company. Known for his visionary leadership, he is dedicated to ensuring Serve You Rx fulfills its core mission across all levels of the organization by empowering everyone to make things right for clients, members, and partners. A status quo challenger, Justin thrives on finding innovative solutions to difficult problems. By always trying to find a way to say yes, Justin delivers on the company promise to offer a PBM experience with unquestionable flexibility and unwavering commitment.

Ted Boylan, PharmD President

How can we do it better to achieve the best client and member outcomes? That's what you'll hear Ted asking his fellow executive leadership team members. Charged with overseeing the Clinical, Sales, Marketing, and Compliance Teams, Ted is dedicated to exploring all sides of an issue so he can find solutions that work best for partners, clients, members, and employees. Combining this open-minded approach with unique insights that stem from being a licensed pharmacist, Ted is uniquely grounded in the realities of the business while delivering results that go above and beyond.

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Heather Dilmore

Heather Dilmore, RPh, MS Vice President of Pharmacy Operations

The leader of mail order, specialty pharmacy, and call center operations, Heather puts patient care at the forefront of everything she does. A firm believer that taking good care of her employees will inspire great care of patients, Heather is dedicated to making her team members feel both valued and appreciated. By using her 20 years of experience to set a good example and lead by it, Heather ensures her team realizes their impact - both on patients' lives and in their professional journeys. 

Dan Falter Vice President of Sales

With over 30 years of experience in PBM, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and managed care, Dan has a unique ability to access and analyze the PBM landscape and deliver a balanced approach to optimal service, financial performance, and clinical outcomes. Tasked with leading, coaching, and mentoring the company's national sales team to meet the needs of valued channel partners while achieving overall business objectives, Dan is known for pinpointing solutions that enable all stakeholders to achieve their desired goals. 

Dan Falter
Brian Jones

Brian Jones Vice President of Information Technology

The leader of Information Technology at Serve You Rx, Brian's commitment to delivering consistent, repeatable, and high-quality IT services has helped to grow both his team and the company. With over 35 years of experience in the IT space, Brian is known for his ability to understand the company's trajectory and set a strategic course that will drive positive outcomes for all, translating his deep expertise into elevated results.

Cindy Ten Pas Vice President of Compliance, Contracts, and Regulatory Affairs

As VP of Compliance, Contracts, and Regulatory Affairs, Cindy is committed to doing the right thing — always. Whether that means complying with the law or addressing a client's unique circumstances, Cindy's hardworking, detail-oriented approach enables her to analyze a wide range of policies, procedures, contracts, regulations, and other resources to arrive at the correct answer or solution. With over 20 years of legal and compliance experience and an ability to deliver on the flexibility her clients seek, Cindy is known for her thoughtful and tailored approach to problem-solving. 

Cindy Ten Pas