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A syringe filled with blue liquid and a drip on the tip of the needle on a white background. In the foreground the text reads: "A new era for Humira biosimilars is an interchangeable revolution." Followed by the Serve You Rx logo.

A New Era for Humira® Biosimilars: The Interchangeable Revolution 

Unlocking the Power

Unlocking the Power of the Real-Time Benefit Check

The Solution from Serve You Rx

Pharmacist Shortage Forces Major Retail Pharmacies to Cut Hours – But There’s a Solution

Humira Users- Help is on the Way

Humira Users: Help is on the Way

SYRx Planted OAKS in NJ

Overdose Aid Kits containing Narcan will be installed in every county in New Jersey as part of nationwide effort focused on harm reduction 

SYRx OAKs Installed in Colorado

Serve You Rx donates Overdose Aid Kit (or OAK) to a Recovery High School in Denver

Rest in Peace Sharon Murillo

Serve You Rx Announces Death of President and CEO, Sharon Murillo

Using mobile app

Pear Therapeutics And Serve You Rx Announce Formulary Coverage For Prescription Digital Therapeutics Reset® & Reset-O® And People With Substance And Opioid Use Disorders

Nalox-Zone installation Plymouth

Wisconsin Public Radio Calls Attention To Serve You Rx-Sponsored Nalox-Zone Project


Mail And Specialty Rx Solutions Save City 220k+

Mobolize Recovery 2021a

Serve You Rx Ceo Leads Kick-Off Of National Mobilize Recovery Event & Advocates For Addiction Recovery Efforts

Mobilze Recovery

Serve You Rx Sponsors Mobilize Recovery, a Nationwide Initiative to Combat Addiction in the U.S.