Diabetes care plus program

Elevating Health Outcomes. Curtailing Costs.

Dedicated to improving member health education and outcomes, our Diabetes Care Plus Program also addresses financial impact: Diabetes treatments are the number one cost driver outside of specialty medications for our clients. Once enrolled in our program, members receive tailored interventions to increase their care access and improve medication adherence. 


of the U.S. population has diabetes or prediabetes (source: CDC)

Program Overview

A comprehensive program, Diabetes Care Plus incorporates multiple utilization management and clinical program components. These include: 


Manufacturer Assistance Copay Accumulator Program

Captures financial assistance provided by drug manufacturers to reduce out-of-pocket costs


Free Meters and Educational Materials

Leverages manufacturers assistance for preferred glucose meters and educational materials at no cost


Value-Based Benefits

Enables members to receive generic medications and select diabetes-related supplies at a reduced or waived cost


Focused Utilization Management

Uses clinical prior authorization, step therapy, and quantity limits for targeted brand diabetic medications. 


Adherence Monitoring

Encourages non-adherent members to take their medications as prescribed via targeted member outreach


Exclusive Mail

Delivers medications at home with affordable pricing and easy refill ordering


Annual Program Outcomes Reporting

Offers yearly insights on member engagement and clinical outcomes