7 Ways to Save on Prescriptions

As a pharmacy benefit manager, Serve You Rx works to improve your access to affordable medications. Yet sometimes, even with insurance, prescription drugs can be pricey. Here are seven opportunities for you to explore that may lead to paying less for your medications.

Talk with your doctor. Ask about less expensive alternatives,
including generics. Generics contain the same active ingredients as brands and are a safe, lower-cost option.

Check your formulary (preferred drug list) for lower cost therapy options. You can find it on our members page.

Compare drug prices. The drug price tool in the Serve You Rx Member Portal allows you to compare prices between generic and brand, retail and mail. High deductible health plan members who do not have a flat copay are encouraged to shop around for the lowest price. Some pharmacies substantially discount prescriptions to drive traffic.

Ask your doctor to prescribe a 90-day supply. Like other products, buying in bulk saves time and money.*

Sign up for home delivery. Mail service is a cost-effective option for medications you take regularly. You receive up to a  90-day supply for less than what you would pay in retail copays.

Research patient assistance programs or manufacturer discount coupons. If generic options have been ruled out, a manufacturer discount coupon may be helpful. For example, manufacturers of specialty medications sometimes offer copay assistance to help reduce or cover the cost of their medications.

Take care of yourself. A healthy diet and exercise can help prevent
conditions that require prescription drugs, reducing medical costs and
increasing quality of life.

*Your plan may require 90-day supply prescriptions to be filled through mail service.