How to Prepare Your Medications for a Natural Disaster

When disaster strikes, there are countless obstacles that you can be unprepared for — don’t let running out of your prescription drug supply be one of them. Serve You Rx wants to ensure our members are aware of how you can prepare for natural disasters when it comes to your prescription medications. When a severe storm is forecasted, members are encouraged to order and pick up any necessary refills before landfall. Also, you should make sure your frequently used over-the-counter medications are on hand.

Most medications should be stored in plastic bags or other protective containers to prevent water damage to the drugs themselves and the prescription labels. If possible, keep a back-up of prescription information and instructions should the original labels become damaged.

Members can count on Serve You Rx to be prepared during natural disasters. If our call center is affected by severe weather, calls will be transferred offsite where our trained representatives can assist members from a safe location. Additionally, our pharmacists are automatically notified if a state of emergency is declared anywhere in the United States and our customer service call center representatives will be aware of any disaster affecting your area.

Options for members who receive medications through our mail service pharmacies:

If you have evacuated due to a forecasted storm or relocated due to damage caused to your home, you can call our customer service line (800-759-3203) and have up to a 90-day supply of your medication shipped to a temporary address. Members should be aware that using a temporary shipping address is always an option when you are away from your home for any reason, not only in emergency situations.

In some cases, members can contact us and request that your prescriptions are transferred to a local retail pharmacy, as a short-term courtesy. This may be useful if you have evacuated your home but are on the road or unsure of where you will stay, therefore you do not have an alternate address to provide.

Another option is to call your prescriber and request a short-term supply to be filled at a local retail pharmacy. If the prescription rejects for “refill too soon,” you can ask the retail pharmacy to call Serve You Rx to enter an override.