Enhancing Health and Reducing Costs: Our Diabetes Care Plus Program  


Diabetes is a widespread chronic condition that affects millions of Americans and poses a significant economic burden on the healthcare system. At Serve You Rx, we understand the importance of tackling this issue head-on. Our Diabetes Care Plus Program is improving member health education, enhancing outcomes, and curbing costs associated with diabetes. We use a comprehensive approach to achieve these goals. It is a vital component in addressing the diabetes epidemic while being conscious of cost and monitoring the usage of high-cost drugs like Ozempic.  

The Diabetes Challenge 

The prevalence of diabetes is on the rise, with nearly 50% of the U.S. population having diabetes or prediabetes, according to the CDC. Diabetes also ranks as the leading non-specialty drug cost driver, further exacerbating the healthcare cost crisis. To confront this challenge effectively, we’ve designed the Diabetes Care Plus Program. This program provides tailored interventions, increases care access, and improves medication adherence. 

Comprehensive Diabetes Care Plus Program 

Our Diabetes Care Plus Program incorporates several essential components to elevate member health and reduce financial burdens associated with diabetes: 

  • Reduce costs for our members with manufacturer assistance copay accumulator programs, educational materials, and preferred glucose meters. 
  • Members receive generic medications and select diabetes-related supplies at reduced or waived costs with value-based benefits.  
  • Focused Utilization Management leverages clinical prior authorization, step therapy, and quantity limits. It targets brand diabetic medications, ensuring members use the most effective and cost-efficient treatments. 
  • Through targeted member outreach, we proactively reach out to members we flag through adherence monitoring, encouraging non-adherent members to take their medications as prescribed. 
  • Exclusive Mail Delivery combines convenience, affordability, and easy refill ordering to enhance medication adherence and access. 
  • With Annual Program Outcomes Reporting, clients get early insights on member engagement and clinical outcomes. This enables continuous improvement and transparency in our program. 


The Serve You Rx Diabetes Care Plus Program is more than just a healthcare initiative; it’s a commitment to improving the lives of our members affected by diabetes. By addressing the multifaceted challenges of this chronic condition through tailored interventions, increased care access, and improved medication adherence, we aim to elevate health outcomes while curbing the soaring costs associated with diabetes. As the diabetes epidemic continues to affect millions, our program empowers self-insured employers to make progress in the fight against this pervasive disease. 

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