How an Integrated Solution Provides Better PBM Service  

Do you need pharmacy benefits that provide better quality service for your clients and their members? Pharmacy management is a complex task, and it requires a careful balance between efficiency, clinical insights, cost-effectiveness, and service. A Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) with integrated solutions and services can transform our pharmacy benefits.

What is a Full-Service PBM, and Why Choose One? 

A full-service PBM offers end-to-end solutions for pharmacy benefits management. It provides comprehensive services, including claims processing, formulary management, drug utilization review, mail order and specialty pharmacies, and clinical programs. Choosing a PBM with these integrations can help you streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve patient outcomes. With these services all housed under one roof, you can achieve efficiency in pharmacy management for your clients while ensuring they have better member care. 

Our Unique Offerings 

At Serve You Rx, we provide integrated solutions that offer unique services to our partners, clients, and members. Here are the key benefits of choosing our integrated pharmacy services: 

In-House Call Center with Certified Pharmacy Technicians 

Our in-house call center staff includes certified pharmacy technicians who can provide personalized, knowledgeable service to our clients and members. Our technicians are experts in pharmacy benefits management and can assist with various queries related to medication, claims, and other pharmacy-related services. 

On-Staff Pharmacists as Clinical Account Executives 

Our on-staff pharmacists develop and monitor clinical programs to ensure our services enhance patient care. Our Clinical Account Executives work closely with our clients and partners to identify areas for improvement and provide recommendations for clinical programs that can improve patient outcomes. They also develop and oversee all of our clinical services and solutions, so our services are not just administrative but also enhance plan management and improve outcomes.  

URAC Accredited Mail Order Pharmacy and In-house Specialty Pharmacy

Our mail order pharmacy provides convenient, cost-effective, and adherence-supportive medication management solutions to our clients and members. Our URAC accreditation means we meet rigorous standards for quality and safety in our mail order pharmacy services. 

We have an in-house specialty pharmacy that provides specialized care for patients requiring complex treatments. Our specialty pharmacy services include patient support programs, medication management, and handling of complex treatments. 

Comprehensive Benefits for Partners, Clients, and Members 

By choosing our full-service PBM solution, our clients and members can benefit from streamlined operations, improved patient outcomes, and cost savings. We provide integrated pharmacy solutions to help you and your clients achieve your goals and meet your pharmacy management needs. 

five green stars indicating high satisfaction with Serve You Rx
“Most recently, the most important need was assistance with the RxDC report related to ACA requirements. Serve You Rx was VERY instrumental  
in getting our data submitted on time.”   
– Serve You Rx Client  


Choosing a full-service PBM solution like ours can help you achieve better pharmacy management outcomes while providing quality patient care. Our integrated pharmacy services help our clients streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve patient outcomes. If you’re interested in learning more about our services or partnering with us, contact our team today

About Serve You Rx   
Serve You Rx is a full-service pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) with unquestionable flexibility and an unwavering commitment to doing what’s best for its clients. With a fervent focus on those it serves, including insurance brokers, consultants, third-party administrators, and their clients, Serve You Rx delivers exceptional service and tailored, cost-effective benefit solutions. Independent and privately held for over 36 years, Serve You Rx can implement new groups in 30 days or less and say “yes” to a wide variety of viable solutions. Known for its adaptability, quality, and client-centricity, Serve You Rx aims to be a benchmark for better client service.

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