Serve You Rx Introduces ConfirmRx, Revolutionizing Prescription Cost Transparency For Healthcare Providers And Patients 

Serve You Rx’s ConfirmRx delivers real-time prescription cost information and enhanced efficiency, empowering healthcare providers and patients. 

PRESS RELEASE • JUL 19, 2023 09:45 EDT 

MILWAUKEE, Wisc. ( - Serve You Rx, an innovative, privately owned Pharmacy Benefit Management company since 1987, is pleased to announce the launch of ConfirmRx, an enhancement built into Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems that saves time and money.  

ConfirmRx provides accurate and up-to-date prescription benefit coverage, cost information, and other insights at the point of prescribing.   

Already integrated with over 35 EMR systems, ConfirmRx enables healthcare providers to see drug costs and coverage information in real-time, eliminating unwelcome surprises for the patient at the pharmacy counter.   

This service is available to all Serve You Rx clients and their members at no additional cost.  

“We are pleased to offer this service to our clients and their members. Not only will it improve satisfaction and outcomes by reducing the number of abandoned prescriptions, but it also represents an added layer of insights and transparency that will help our clients contain costs,” said Serve You Rx President Ted Boylan.   

Using ConfirmRx, prescribers can obtain copay, coinsurance, and deductible information before the prescription is sent electronically to the pharmacy. They can also check a medication’s formulary status and identify lower cost alternatives and preferred pharmacy options, including home delivery, and Prior Authorization requirements, if applicable.   

That enables cost transparency as Serve You Rx members will know exactly what the new medications will cost, promoting the use of lower-cost options and pharmacies. ConfirmRx also imparts greater efficiency by removing the need for follow-up calls between healthcare providers and pharmacists. For members, this results in minimized uncertainty, anxiety, and delays with pharmacy pickup.   

Perhaps more importantly, ConfirmRx’s insights reduce prescription abandonment rates, increase adherence to therapy, and drive beneficial health outcomes and member satisfaction. In a pilot study conducted by Serve You Rx earlier this year, members saved an average of $32 per patient per prescription.   

“There is often a lot of mystery and anxiety associated with the price at the pharmacy counter. ConfirmRx gives members peace of mind knowing how much they will be paying at the counter before they leave the doctor’s office. This is one of the many ways we ensure a best-in-class experience for our clients and members,” said Serve You Rx CEO Justin Jasniewski.  

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