What does it mean to be a transparent PBM partner? 

Transparency is critical when assessing Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs), so we prioritize clarity and openness in our partnerships. When it comes to being a transparent PBM partner, we focus on the areas that matter most to you: contracts, data access, and pricing, including rebates.  


We ensure straightforward contract terms without relying on complex qualifiers or disclaimers. That means: 

  • Clear contracts with straightforward definitions and no hidden fees. 
  • A no spread pricing policy, ensuring member cost share plus plan pay equals pharmacy reimbursement every time. 
  • Our only revenue comes from the administrative fees as outlined in the contract. 
  • We collaborate to agree upon a comprehensive implementation work plan and flawlessly execute it to the satisfaction of all stakeholders. 
  • Audit rights that provide peace of mind and ensure contract compliance. 
  • Rebates paid quarterly based on minimum guarantees, with annual reconciliation and true-up payments of any excess amounts collected. 


We believe you own your data and should have access to the reporting needed to monitor plan performance, including: 

  • Unlimited access to claim files. 
  • No gag clauses, and strict adherence to all privacy regulations. 
  • Custom and standard reports with real-time data available as frequently as daily  
  • Detailed rebate reports with billing rejection details. 
  • Compliance support, including ensuring all clients meet every RxDC reporting deadline. 

Transparent PBM Contract andpricing

Transparency, For You  

We are a flexible and client-centric full-service pharmacy benefit manager, delivering tailored, cost-effective benefit solutions with exceptional service. Transparency is built into who we are and what we do. With unambiguous contracts, no spread pricing, unlimited access to data, and clearly defined costs and fees, we prioritize transparency and high-quality service to ensure our clients and partners feel secure in entrusting us with their pharmacy benefits. Serve You Rx, your transparent PBM partner.

About Serve You Rx   
Serve You Rx is a full-service pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) with unquestionable flexibility and an unwavering commitment to doing what’s best for its clients. With a fervent focus on those it serves, including insurance brokers, consultants, third-party administrators, and their clients, Serve You Rx delivers exceptional service and tailored, cost-effective benefit solutions. Independent and privately held for over 36 years, Serve You Rx can implement new groups in 30 days or less and say “yes” to a wide variety of viable solutions. Known for its adaptability, quality, and client-centricity, Serve You Rx aims to be a benchmark for better client service.

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